INTWIN Franchise
If you want to start your entrepreneurial journey and build your own successful IT business, then an INTWIN franchise is what you need. We offer you a great opportunity to use our powerful brand and to get our support.

We'll train you on the usage of our products and support you in market promotion and sales development. As soon as you become our partner, you'll get access to our resources, tips, and technical support to help you grow your thriving business.

A franchise is an opportunity to use our well-established and successfully operating brand (provided by INTWIN) to build your lucrative business. We provide our brand, products, presentation materials, training, and go-to-market assistance. And you make a lump sum payment, go through our training, and start operating in your market. Your income comes from sales to our customers and also from traffic in the communication channels used when utilizing INTWIN products. It's simply a fast track to entrepreneurship.

Suitable for
  • Temporarily unemployed, employed, or current business owners with entrepreneurial experience (it doesn't matter what business area you're involved in).

  • Anyone, no matter what IT experience you might have.

  • If you're ready to start your own business and become a successful entrepreneur.
One-on-one and group training in dealing with INTWIN products
Technological and customer service support from our team
Free access to the database of potential customers as well as a convenient customer management system (CRM)
What you get
We work hard every day to make life of our clients better and happier
A team of advisors and technical support are available to you 24/7. We're always ready to help and answer your questions
We offer a free training program going through all aspects of the franchise business. You'll receive all the knowledge and skills required to successfully run your business
You'll get free access to templates of already-built bots. It means that you can quickly launch your bots without spending time building them from scratch
We will give you an extensive library of recorded webinars that cover various topics. You're welcome to watch them anytime. In addition to that, we provide content templates to help you successfully manage clients
You'll receive our assistance in finding, selecting, and hiring employees. We understand that a good team is the key to success, so we're ready to help you in this process
We provide a variety of marketing materials such as landing pages, brand books, and presentation materials. They will be helpful when promoting your business
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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQ)
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We offer 2 franchise plans (options) for franchisees:
Optimal Plan
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