Alver, England

A Swiss company selling microalgae dietary supplements. In July, 2022, Alver started expanding to other European countries. An effective tool was needed to help pursue this goal, so the company contacted INTTWIN


The company entered a market yet new to it, so there was no warm database of clients interested in algae dietary supplements


To process the cold database of clients to find warm leads. To send sales catalogue to the interested clients and to file orders


Two bots were created. The first one made calls using the cold database and sought out people interested in the company's products. After that, the chat bot contacted such people and sold the company's products to them


The voice bot has processed 60 thousand of cold clients. 5% of them were interested in dietary supplements, and 1% received a link to pay. Thus, the bot processed the whole cold base without involvement of human operator and helped Alver to increase the sales