Hi-Tech Smart Solutions, Indonesia

The MBA company assists various banking institutions with control over clients' debts. The company carry out its activities energetically in the countries of Northeast Asia, that is, in Indonesia and the Philippines. The AI tools are used by the company in its work, so naturally it was interested in services of INTWIN. A voice bot has been already used for calling clients; with INTWIN, the company decided to try a chat bot


A large database of debtors avoiding communication and not making payments. Operators could hardly cope with processing such a database on their own


To check the identity of a debtor, find out the reason for delay in payments and persuade a client to consent to making a payment


We created a chat bot that initiates a dialogue and identifies clients. Upon an operator's request, the bot hands over the dialogue to a human. Where there is no such request, the bot confirms a promise to make a payment and records this information


Using the chat bot, it became possible to contact 15% of debtors avoiding communication for a long time. About 5% of them confirmed their intention to pay. Thus, the bot has reduced workload of operators and increased the number of payments promised to be made